How to measuring your lighting needs?

Lighting is very important to everyone around the world to illuminate house,office or building when dark atmosphere or night.The main purpose for lighting such as create mood,define a space,for security purpose or highlight a section or area.

Before install the lighting for our space,we must first consider a several factors for our lighting needs such as the purpose of area,cost we willing to spend,how many person use that area and energy conservation.That why we need to measuring lighting needs.

According NEC ,the minimum calculation for general lighting is 3 watt per square feet.But you install a lighting depend on your application and purpose.Also can consider the difference area of your house and their lighting needs.

Measuring your lighting needs

  • Kitchen : Overhead lighting,a light over the stove
  • Bathroom : Primarily light over the sink,bathtub and toilet depend on the size room.
  • Dinning room : A hanging light at the table,recessed ceiling light.It often to have dimmer switch to adjust the light.
  • Bedroom : Master bedroom depend more to reading lamp and ceiling light.Children room often get a ceiling light.
  • Hallway : Can use a long track light to highlight something.
  • Garage : At least one light per bay
  • Outdoor : One light over each entry door and garage door.Security lighting for back and side yards.
  • Basement : ceiling light depend on room size or it can cover entire room.

We can determine the type of lighting,location and their numbers when use of room obviously.A single fluorescent light can fulfill all the working area requirement.

Now in market already have a energy saving bulb or LED bulb with day light brightness.We can install in minimum quantity for cover a big area.We can save our electricity consumption and get ideal lighting needs for our living room when we perform measuring lighting needs.


  1. Please give examples of selection of light fittings for each area,recommended illumination levels,advantages/disadvantages of various light sources etc

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