How to setup Alfa Laval Think Top Auto Valve?

Alfa Laval Think Top is a control of sanitary valves that commonly used for hygiene or chemical manufactures.Think Top Basic offers a durable watertight design, a proven and inherently safe design and low total cost of ownership.

In my plant,all auto valves are using Alfa Laval Think Top that provide easy installation and configuration.This valve sensing and control head is optimized with fewer options and fewer digital connections. Think Top Basic is available in Digital, AS-Interface and ATEX versions.The ThinkTop Basic sensing and control unit is a uniform modular control head that consists of a proven no-touch, set-and-forget sensor system with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), solenoid valves and valve control sensor board for connection to any PLC (Programming Logic Controller) system.

For more detail please visit website: Alfa laval Think Top

Alfa Laval Think Top Basic auto valve

This time I want shared some information how to setup or configure the ALfa Laval Think Top Basic before we can integrated with PLC function.This Auto Valve cannot function if we do not perform the configuration. Please follow procedure below and it’s easy to do.


Procedure of configuration for Alfa Laval Think Top

Thinktop alfa laval


1. Ensure all electrical installation is correct as per manufacturer manual.

2. Ensure no fault occurred on the electrical connection such as short circuit, etc.

3. Ensure the DC voltage is presence on the control valve.

4. Initial actuator stem in on extend position.

5. Press “I” to enter setup and wait until the red LED blinking.

6. While the LED is still blinking, press “I” again to set-up. Now the red and green LED will turn on.

7. Then press “II” button to store the stem’s extend position and the red and orange LED will turn on.

8. Press the plunger ( III ) on the solenoid until the stem fully retract. While the plunger is still pressed, twist the plunger to lock the current (retract) position of the stem. No LED light status change.

9. Press “II” to store the stem’s retract stem position and red LED will blink.

10. Press “II” again to save and exit the set-up and simultaneously the orange LED will turn on.

11. Release the plunger ( III ) and the actuator stem ( IV ) will extend and resulting the green LED to turn on.

12. Now the valve controller is ready for operation.

For more detail information about wiring,installation and user manual please download this Alfa Laval Think Top PDF

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