Test Pen / Voltage tester

What is a Test pen or Voltage tester?

This tool is used to test circuits quickly to ensure that the circuit or conductor is live or not guided from indicator bulb or LED.The rated voltage for this tool only for 600VAC below.DONT USE IT FOR TEST HIGH VOLTAGE.It can cause the serious injury.

If a bulb is light on,that mean the conductor or a circuit is live.Usually it is shaped like a Screwdriver slotted, but it has the indicator in it.It can be used as the Screwdriver and the tools to test live circuits.

For more accurate voltage reading or for safety purpose,please use the MULTIMETER.We can know the true value of the circuit or conductor and can determine correctly for the circuit is live or not.So works in safe condition and be a smart electrician :D

Operation of test pen

It works with the put a tips on the live circuit or conductor and the user will use the body as a capacitor to ground and current will flow in a short bit, and turn on lights in it without the electric shock.It uses the principle of a complete circuit, make sure that we use to test for safety shoes prevent electric shock

My personal test pen.

In my collection, there are two of my favorite brands are:

1) PHILIPS ( original from GERMANY )


it is durable,easy to carry out,good looking and have a high quality slotted tips


  1. amril siddiq says


    Mohon dibantu , saya mencari tester Pen Merk Philips, dimana saya bisa mendapatkannya ? mohon info


  2. There are advantages to using a test pen. A multimeter will give you zero volts if one of the 2 cables is broken/disconnected, while the test pen will light up at the connected cable.

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