Reversible Screwdriver

Introduction for Reversible Screwdriver

This is my favorite tool when perform my electrical works.Very versatile and compact tool system.For reversible blade screwdriver,i choose brand from WIHA system 6.

The blade are high quality and made from chrome-vanadium molybdenum steel, are through hardened and chrome-plated.The various handles are especially ergonomically designed and guarantee optimal force-transmission.

The Wiha SYSTEM6 system provides the right tool for every application.It ideal for industry,trade and the ambitious handyman.

In electrical work,the most common screw type was found on the equipment or machine is a  Slotted and Phillips.So that why im very comfort to used reversible blade screwdriver.

It easy and multipurpose use and versatile for general applications.It always in my porch bag because it easy to carry every where.So i choose the Phillips Tip size PH2 and Slotted Tips 6.0mm


SYSTEM 6 Combined Slotted-Phillips Reversible Blade.

Phillips Tips

  • PH 1,PH2 and PH3

Slotted Tips

  • 4mm,6mm and 6.5 mm

SYSTEM 6 SoftFinish®-telescopic Handle

  • Ergonomic multi-component handle with roll-off protection
  • With 6 mm hex retainer.
  • Enables adjustable blade lengths from 42-114 mm.
  • ClickStop ball clamp guarantees a secure hold and rapid blade exchange

For more detail infomation about REVERSIBLE BLADE SCREWDRIVER SYSTEM 6 SoftFinish®-telescopic Handle you’re can visit WIHA WEBSITE CATALOG

Also this is from the one of my favorite reversible screwdriver WERA VARIO

For more detail infomation about REVERSIBLE BLADE SCREWDRIVER WERA VARIO you’re can visit WERA TOOLS WEBSITE

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