Insulated pliers

When we perform electrical task,the tool must suitable and safety with our task.This post i want discuss about insulated and VDE pliers.This tool very important during electrical installation,termination for power supply or control panel.It used for gripping,holding,stripping and cutting.

Why i’m interested to discuss about insulated or VDE pliers?The reason it is about safety and avoid from electric shock during perform electrical jobs in live situation.Many technician or electrical person not aware about this matter.

From the statistic for injury due to electrical shock,15 % of the root cause came from mistaken to choose the suitable hand tools when perform with electrical jobs.So i hope from my little explanation,it will make you clear view about how important the insulated tool for electrical person.

Insulated Flat nose pliers

From my experience during perform termination or wiring control panel task in “live” condition,insulated pliers is very useful tools to completed the task with safety condition.For insulated flat nose pliers, i choose to used brand from KNIPEX because it very comfortable and safety from electric shocked.It can stand until for 1000 VAC.

The base material is from fiberglass reinforce plastic.It very heavy duty and reliability.It also can used when we perform at small or narrow space such as control panel,switch board or motor terminal box.This insulated pliers tested according DIN EN 60900 : 1997


VDE  Wire cutter and Long nose pliers

This tools  is a one of my favorite when perform electrical tasks such as power supply termination or wiring for motor control.It is a side cutter and long nose pliers from WIHA.It is certified for electrical insulated tools and can stand the voltage until 1000VAC.

The quality of WIHA VDE wire cutter and Long nose pliers are superb.It heavy duty and durability.It can used for any kind of electrical task.i am very confident used this tool when working with live working area.

Wire cutter suitable for cut a cable and also for wire strip.It never disappointed me during perform my task.Long nose pliers i`m used for cable termination and very perfect for narrow space or small area.For more detail please visit WIHA website.


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