FACOM VDE screwdriver set APVE.J6PB

VDE or Insulated screwdriver is a common tool and should be in electrical tools box.If you not familiar with VDE or insulated tools,please read on my last post about description of VDE tools and application.I describe detail about it.

For this post,i want to share my review about the new VDE or insulated Screwdriver Set from FACOM.I bought this VDE Screwdriver Set on last month with price around $70.I’ve choose the screwdriver set from model APVE.J6PB.

Every time before i start my electrical routine job or maintenance task, i make sure all my tools in good condition and all insulated condition is perfect without any damage or crack.This routine check is important to ensure we perform with safe tools and can avoid any accident or electrical shock.

 Description for FACOM VDE screwdriver APVE.J6PB

Facom VDE screwdriver set APVE.J6PB are perfect and safe tools for fastening electrical job scope with insulated protection for live or non-voltage condition.

VDE screwdriver set from FACOM built with follow the Electrical Safety European standard EN 60900 specifications, and designed for working on live components up to 1,000 V AC and 1,500 V DC.

To ensure all user that used this screwdriver is fully protection and safe,its tested with 10,000 V for 10 seconds at the end of the manufacturing cycle.This is standard procedure for high quality and safety for FACOM products.

When working on live application or components,we must take a necessary action such as visual inspection for our safety pre-caution before used a VDE tools and ensure that the insulation is not damaged by :

1) Heat (-20 to 70° working temperature),

2) Chemicals,

3) Cuts or perforations.


Technical Detail for FACOM APVE.J6PB

1) Precision machined tips

2) Round hardened and tempered silicone carbon steel blades for strength and endurance

3)Multi material polyamide and polyurethane handles designed for intensive use and massive torque transmission

4) Handles resistant to workshop chemicals and solvents such as petrol and acetone

5) Philips: No1x100; No2x125; Slotted:2.5×75; 3.5 x75; 4×100; 5.5x125mm.

For more detail about FACOM VDE screwdriver Set APVE.J6PB,please download the PDF file for FACOM VDE screwdriver catalog.



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