Crimping tool

This tool is very important when we want crimp a cable lugs.For detail,please refer to my last post about cable lug.Without this tool,a connection between conductor and lugs not perfect or loosen.

It will make damage for conductor or can cause a problem if we use it for electrical installation.Cable lug is a common practice when involve in electrical  fitting and termination.

It have a size of crimp depend on size of conductor.More big size of conductor then more size for crimping tool.In the market, we can get a manual or hydraulic crimping tool mechanism.It depend on our application and conductor size.

 What is a crimping tool?



Please refer to hand tools manufacturing user manual before used a crimping tool.It must brief about safety of tool,how to use a right technique and how to maintenance of tool.This is very important to avoid a serious injury and keep long life span for the tools.

We can get many good quality brands of crimping tool such as KNIPEX,NWM,RIDGID,MARVEL,3M,ELORA and many more.Please select a brand with take a time to see a tool catalog,compare with others brand and make a decision for a good choice.

For more detail how to use a crimping tool,please read my last post title “How to crimping a cable lugs”


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