Allen Wrench

This hand tool is very familiar used around the world.It have a various typical names likes Allen Wrench,Zeta Key,Hex Keys, Allen key and Hex Wrench.All this name refer to the same tool.The different area call for different name.It common thing for hand tool name.

Basically,this tool design is ” HEXAGON ” “six points” bit or cross section.It use to drive task for tight or loose the screws and bolts that have a head of hexagon socket.This type of head common use at all machine or equipment or device.We can found the hex head type in anywhere places like at home,garage,school,factory,furniture,bicycle etc.

What is Allen Wrench / Hex Key?


Hex Screw Key and Size

Metric Standard

Ansi / Asme Standard

Advantage of Hex head type.

  • They come with many size of Hex head.
  • Contact surface from six side of hexagon shape make it more fully contact.It ensure we can tight it very strong.
  • No more slip when tighten or loosen the hex head.
  • Easy to drive the hex head at small or narrow area.
  • More torque and comfortable when use it.
  • Can drive in angle side until 45′.

Hex key / Allen wrench description

In the market,Hex Key have a many types of shapes available likes L – handle ,T – handle,Screwdriver handle and Folding handle.Why it have many shape?actually it design depend on our job requirement or needed.

That why manufacture made a various type for adapt any situation and make the job done possible.It also have two type of bit.It have a ball – end and standard type of hexagon bit.

My review about Hex Key / Allen Wrench

In electrical or maintenance tasks,i like to use the T-handle Hex key.Why?? In my experience,it very comfortable when i drive the hex head.I got more torque and can tighten the screw more efficient.I also can perform the task in a narrow space.

It very easy and can get through any area or space condition.If perform in live electrical tasks,for safety please using the VDE or Insulated Hex Key types.For more detail please read about Allen wrenches review

For the my favorite brands of hex key are :-

1) BONDHUS ( made in Usa )

2) WIHA ( made in Germany )

3) WERA ( made in Germany )

4) VESSEL ( made in Japan )

5) BAHCO ( made in Sweden )

Why i likes this all brand for my Hex key?Ok..actually i already used all of this brand.From my experience,they all have a high standard of quality and material.It very harden steel and heavy duty.Since i using those all Hex Key,i never saw the hex bit broken or wear.That why i love that all kind of brands…

So..for the brand of hand tools,choose it depend on our perspective and experience or interest.Many more brands all around the world produce the excellent and high quality of hex key / Allen key.I only gave my opinion about my favorite brand :D

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