Generator Rating

Usually the generator is designed to capable to delivery the power supply required due to time basic ( hour ) to ensure reliable operation and prevent serious breakdown.

Typically a given set can deliver more power for fewer hours per year, or less power continuously. That is a standby set is only expected to give its peak output for a few hours per year, whereas a continuously running set, would be expected to give a somewhat lower output, but literally continuously, and both to have reasonable maintenance and reliability.

What is generator rating?


Definition of rating

These standard rating definitions are designed to ensure theĀ  machine selection and valid comparisons between manufacturers to prevent them from state incorrectly for the performance of their machines.It also for reference and guideline for designers.

1) Prime

Application : For construction site,engineering site,fairground and festival or fiesta.

-It also call it ” Unlimited running time rating”.This is not suitable for and should not used for construction power application.Average power output is around 70% of the prime rating.

– Typical peak demand of 100% of prime-rated kW with 10% of overload capability for emergency use for a maximum of 1 hour in 12. A 10% overload capability is available for limited time.

2) Standby

Application : backup power supply system for critical area likes hospitals,office,server room,control room,factory.It not connected to grid system.

– This rating is suitable for emergency power supply backup for the interruption of normal power supply.No sustained overload capability is available for this rating

3) Base Load

Application : a generator running a continuous load or paralleled with the mains and continuously feeding power at the maximum permissible level.. This also applies to sets used for support the grid system when needed.

– It is the continuous power supply for constant load to the full rating for unlimited hour.It not applicable for all rating of generator models.


From those of generator rating,we can decide which one of suitable rating meet our requirement.This is the guideline to us before we design or choose the generator for the application.

For more detail,please refer to generator manufacture because they more expert and more understanding about their generator design.They will guide us to get the best result with their recommendation for the generator.


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    How can i rectify if its fault

  2. i have a project idia in 3 phase power genrate by help of 1 phase motor to runn a 3 phase generator to produce power and restore a used power in motor in invetor charging

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