Diesel Generator

This equipment is very common use in power generator industry or backup power supply system.We can found it at many places likes hotel,construction site,factory,hospital,engineering sites,oil and gas industry,on ship and many more.

It is the combination of mechanical power source with electrical generator or in others name it call an “alternator” to generated the electricity.For the mechanical power source,it use the engine powered by fuel.Normally it use diesel due to price and capability of performance.

Diesel generator is completely design with control panel,base,canopy,diesel tank,engine compartment,distribution box,circuit breaker and starting system in one compact package unit.

What is a Diesel Generator?


They have 2 basic design for diesel generator.It have been designed to meet the requirement or application.

1) Static type

РIt usually  for power supply generation and backup system because it can produce more power ( kVA ) output.The size is big depend on output capacity.More power means more powerful of engine.

2) Portable type

– It very popular for outside engineering works because it easy to move and transportation handling.The size is smaller than static type depend on their output capacity ( kVA ).

Diesel generator size and application

1) 8 kVA until 35 kVA

– Usually used for home,small office,small garage and shop.

2) 11 kVA until 2500 kVA ( three phase )

– Usually used for factory,construction sites,oil and gas industry,hospital,hotel and etc.It also for feeding power supply generation for small town.

3) 100 kVA until 350 kVA

– Usually for backup power supply system for critical area likes hospital,control room,server,communication center,military sites and etc.It must have the backup system to avoid interruption of power supply.

Generator Sizing

We must sizing the generator output depend on our job scope and the important this is must cope in our maximum load ampere.The application of generator is important too.To ensure we select the corrected generator size,we need to list the equipment that we wan supply with it and calculated the maximum load ampere.After that we can get the suitable generator output size.

Please refer to electrical engineer or contact the manufacture if you not sure how to sizing the generator.They also can provide the software how to sizing their generator.

Generator installation

This is important part to ensure the diesel generator functioning properly,reliability and low cost of maintenance,it must installed in correctly follow the manufacturing user manual,guideline and recommendation.Please refer the user manual or guideline before perform any installation works.

From my installation experience,i listed the several key point that we must consider and take a serious action listed below :-

  • Sizing and selection
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical factor
  • Types of cooling system
  • Starting system
  • Exhaust
  • Noise monitoring
  • Location of generator
  • Safety issued

Diesel generator Periodical  maintenance

Services and maintenance jobs is very important to ensure the generator running in good condition,to avoid it breakdown when we needed,to make long life span and save cost for major repair.

It very simple and easy to perform it.Some people look this matter is not important and only waste the money.We must change this mentality to make our equipment running smooth with any problem.Please refer the guideline of diesel generator from manufacture.They provide a detail instruction to services and maintenance the generator.


  1. Good, albeit brief, article. Great introduction to the various options of diesel generators out there for various applications.

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