How to protect from surge voltage?

Each year many electrical equipment’s defected due to surge voltage from natural disaster like lightning or supply error.It very costly to replaced it back to normal system.

Theoretically single lightning strike produce 20,000 to 40,000 Ampere and about 200 Mega volts (MV) .It enough to generated a temperature about 4 times hotter than the surface of the sun.

In the market,some of surge protectors are designed to cut out  if a surge value exceeds 60,000 ampere to protected the sensitive equipment from defected.

Method to protect equipment from surge voltage

To solve this matter,with advance technology,surge protective devices have been made specifically to decouple surges on these conductors.

They protect the such sensitive equipment connected to them as computer modems, cordless telephones, and fax machines,DCS,PLC,VFD,servo controller and many more.

Electric utilities install surge protective devices on their distribution equipment and ground them adequately, but these measures do not eliminate the possibility of harmful surges being induced on their power lines.

While externally generated, high-magnitude electrical surges propagated over power lines have received most of the attention, lower-level surges can be generated within homes, offices, or other facilities.

They can be caused by the switching on and off of appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, heating plants, and pumps.

Low-level surges actually pose a more serious threat to vulnerable electronic components and circuits than nearby lighting strikes or the malfunction of electric power distribution equipment, because they occur more frequently.

The number of different devices being made to combat surges is astonishing.At this time there is no universally accepted terminology in the surge protection and surge arresting industry.

To compound this confusion,electronic component manufacturers refer to their semiconductor surge protective devices by similar terms.

For example, a modified form of the zener silicon diode that “clamps” excess voltages for surge protection is called a transient voltage suppressor (TVS), and a gas-filled tube that ionizes to short out transient over voltage is called a surge voltage protector (SVP).


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  2. In addition to lightning,switching surges too have caused damages to equipment including UPS.

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