Energy solar

This energy come from sun.It send a enormous amount of energy.It totally free and clean source.Now the solar energy become the alternative green house technology for electricity generation.It call the green technology.It not pollute the environment and not accumulate any hazardous waste.

Day by day,cost to produce electrical energy increase and its the main factor why more people a looking to the solar power as an affordable supplement to traditional energy sources.

If we can improve solar technology with low cost and more efficiency maybe we will not facing any more for energy crisis.So anybody can use this technology to generate the power supply form the free source.

 How solar energy can generated electricity?

In the market now,it have a two methods to generate electricity form solar energy are photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

 1) Photovoltaic

This word is comes from 2 important key are light for photo and volt for voltaic.It very popular method around the world to generate electricity.

Sometime photovoltaic are called solar sensor or PV cells.We can found this solar sensor at our common application such as calculator,solar powered toys,road side lamp and many more.

This solar panel made from silicon.It can supply electricity energy to equipment powered by batteries or electrical power.

Source from Wikipedia

How it can produce electric power?Basically when solar panel hit by sunlight,the electrons was moving around and create a electric current.It stored in battery or UPS for our usage.


2) Solar thermal systems

The principal same like photovoltaic but in different way.This system collected energy solar with mirror surface to made a sunlight focus onto receiver.

It can heat the super heated liquid to make a steam.From steam,it can powered the turbine to generated electricity power same like steam generator.For more info about energy solar,please read at WikiPedia


  1. haitham hashim says

    I am now interested in solar for power generation and storage in order to resist the hot summer in Iraq, where the temperature reaches 60 ° C There is no electricity,thanks

  2. The power of solar energy! I believe it can really go far if it will be used in the right way. I have solar panel at home, and I am proud to say that my house is powered by solar energy.

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