Energy efficiency at home

Electricity is the main source of energy used at home. While you benefit from using electrical appliances at home, you should use electricity no more than is necessary. Using electricity efficiently not only saves money but will also protect the environment.

Protecting the environment for future generations should be built into everything we do today. Do you want to have lower electricity bills and do your part for the environment? Most homes are able to easily reduce 10% of their electricity consumption without sacrificing comfort levels.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy (electricity) efficiency means using electricity wisely in order to accomplish the same tasks whether at home or at the workplace. Using energy efficiently also means paying less for electricity whilst benefiting from its use!

Why do we need to use energy efficiently?

a) To save fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) which are:
• depleting resources;
• increasing in prices; and
• emitting greenhouse gases and other dangerous gases that have negative impact on human health and the environment

b) To preserve the environment, the only one that we have and need to preserve for our future generation

c) To save on domestic electricity bills.

Electricity Consumption in Your Home

The kitchen is a good place to start as this is where the major part of electricity needs at home is consumed which amounts to about 45%.Many of us are unaware of the contribution of different appliances to our monthly electricity bill. We can easily carry out our own energy audit to manage our electricity consumption to save electricity usage.

The electricity consumption cost per household depends very much on family size, living habits, number and age of electrical appliances and duration of use of each appliance.

I explain detail about how to calculate electricity cost in my post.Please refer to my post for further information.

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