Emergency and standby power system

When design the electrical installation and electric power for building or factory,the main objective that we need to focus is about emergency and standby electric power systems.The main reason  is the about safety of building occupants following a power outage.

When danger or disaster happened at building or factory such as fire,heavy smoke, chemical hazard,tsunami or earthquake,the emergency procedure backup power system is important and it required for evacuation from the building.

At the very least, emergency and standby power systems should provide lighting to assure the safe evacuation and  panic-free exit of people from the building.

Introduction of emergency and standby power system.

If any disaster happened, emergency power systems will provide minimal lighting for people taking refuge in or remaining in the building until normal power is restored back to the normal condition.

The others objective of these emergency and standby power system is to protect of property or critical equipment during loss of normal electrical power supply.

We can select several important and critical items that need to recovery power supply and backup supply such as ventilation and medical equipment,server system,computerized system,security alarm system,ventilation and others to ensure all system is function normally without any problem.

In my next post,i explain and discuss more detail about Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and standby systems ( generator ) and tips also guidance on UPS installation and how to select the system to suitable with our needed.

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