Definition of Surge voltage

What is the surge voltage?For our easy understanding,electrical surge is a sudden high pick out of voltage value in the system.It can happened in electrical power distribution and communications lines entering homes,factory, offices, and other facilities.

The surges voltage happened due to natural factor such as lighting or human error.It can effected and can cause serious damage for any unprotected electronic device that connected to the power or communication lines.

Electronic products that are especially vulnerable to surges include microprocessors or micro controllers, such as computers, TV, server system, cordless telephones, and inverter.

What is surge voltage impact?

If this matter repeated happened,it can reduce the working lives of both active and passive circuit components by as much as 50 %. They can also cause the insulation of wires to become brittle because of repeated abnormal heating cycles.It made the insulation is weak and can cause failure.

Even robust electrical and electromechanical components such as lamps and motors can be degraded from the cumulative effects of surges, so the problem is not confined to electronic circuits.

The highest-magnitude surges are caused by lightning strikes on or near power lines, but destructive surges can also be caused by the on or off line switching of an electric utility’s generators, a failure in a transformer, or some malfunction in other distribution equipment.

Electrical surges can also be caused by the showers of charged particles from solar flares that enter the atmosphere. They have disabled extensive electric power distribution networks in the recent past.

So this matter give a big impact to us and high cost for repairing jobs and replaced a new equipment or device from surge voltage effected to our system.

I explain and discuss how to protect our equipment from surge voltage in my next post.If any information,idea or comment,don’t hesitate to share with me…


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