Battery systems

Batteries is one of the common thing in our daily application.We used it for domestic and industrial application.It can stored the electricity energy to made our equipment function properly.

We need to choose the suitable type of battery system depend on our application and design to ensure it can operated with maximum capacity.It have in several type such as dry type and wet types with different ampere rating from low to high current capacity.

In the market now we can selected several type of system for battery can suit for our needed and design.Below i listed basic categories for battery system :-

Types of Battery System

1) Stationary system 

This system design which mean the batteries installed in a fixed location and for permanent application.It supply the power to the equipment directly with d.c power supply.

This system normally used for Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) application,telecommunication system and power distributor switch gear.

2) Traction

For this system,it used portable location for d.c power supply from batteries to the electric vehicles and for standby/backup for temporary supply for equipment.

3) Starter

This batteries system used electrical starter equipment or device such as lighting, and auxiliary equipment for internal combustion engine vehicles

4) Portable 

It used for application in portable equipment,such as power tools,lighting, toys, remote control and etc.The types of batteries commonly used are valve regulated lead-acid or sealed nickel-cadmium.


Types of batteries

In the market,it have two types of cells for batteries most used for applications are lead-acid and nickel-cadmium.For those 2 types it have advantage and disadvantage.We need to selected which type is suitable for our application.

  • We need proceed discharge test to check the state of charge condition and level for the batteries.
  • It required for electrolyte replacement several time to prolong the batteries but it can generated high rated discharge capability.
  • Nickel-cadmium have the higher  internal resistance compare with lead-acid cell. It not suitable for motor starting application.It also can create the high level of noise for telecommunication system and it not good.
  • The nickel-cadmium need the highly cost rather than lead-acid of equivalent performance.
  • For maintenance aspect,nickel-cadmium cost is higher than lead acid due to the bigger number of cells to provide greater voltage supply and more cleaning works to prevent tracking between poles from close spacing.


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