Trendy Protective Clothing For Electrical Workers

Any sort of work which includes an exposure to electrical circuits and equipment involves its own set of risks. Particularly, electricians are exposed to these hazards on a regular basis. We commonly know that electric shock is the only danger electricians are exposed to, but little do we know that electric arc explosion is an equally perilous threat, which can generate blistering heat called arc flash that can cause lethal injuries.

This explosion can generate a very high amount of heat, which can severely injure human skin and cause fatal injuries. When a worker is exposed to an arc, the type of clothing and gear they are wearing plays a vital role in safeguarding them against potential injuries. Therefore, electrical safety and safety clothing should be given paramount importance in carrying out electrical jobs.

One of the many reasons that some workers overlook these precautions is the bulky and very uncomfortable safety clothing that they have to put on to do the simplest of jobs. The use of more comfortable and easy to wear protective clothing has now become much more common with the rise in awareness of electric and fire hazards, thanks to companies like who are breaking the stereotypes by offering trendy and fashionable FR (Flame Resistant) shirts, pants, boats, overalls and outerwear garments. In worst situations when you are exposed to any fire hazard in your workplace, these well-insulated inherent cotton garments can help repel flames and stay safe from serious injuries.

The FR (Flame Resistant) clothing:

  • Resists ignition
  • Does not melt onto skin
  • Provides insulation from extreme heat caused by arc flash
  • Resists exposure of the bare skin
  • Reduces burn injuries
  • Reduces any chances of fatal burns

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has stated some rules and standards, which address almost all sorts of hazards possible in a workplace. This agency has also dealt with the importance of FR clothing, by putting forward some standards and practices that should be followed by authorities in all workplaces since flash fire and arc flash are severe hazards.

Before buying these clothes, you first need to your requirements. Gather information about FR clothing and how it can protect you.  Moreover, you need to know what garments and gears are in compliance with your needs. Always check the ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) of the piece of FR clothing you are about to buy.

It indicates the level of protection and measures in cal/cm2. An arc rating (ATPV) signifies that you have 50% chance of getting burnt if you are introduced to an arc flash with same calories of heat. A good quality fabric will not break open unless it is exposed to higher number of energy levels than the arc rating.

You can also get creative with your protective clothing the same way you get creative with your regular wear. With such a wide variety available, you can wear layers of FR clothing to add extra protection against the flame and arc hazards and still look trendy.

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