Rubber mats

As we known,rubber is very good for electric insulation.It used in many electrical safety equipment and device to protect person from electric shocked.Rubber mats is a rubber sheet commonly used at sub station and control panel.

The main purpose is to cover and insulate floors from electric path away to the earth and to avoid completed circuit when current flow in human body.It can save our life from electric shock when perform electrical task.

We must ensure the rubber mats have a quality and follow electrical regulation standard and specification.Please checked the rubber mats condition and apparent it is in good shape to avoid any injuries or death causes when electric shock happened.

Construction and Standards of Rubber Mats.

For rubber mat standard,the ASTM standard D-178 are specifies the design, construction,and testing requirements for rubber matting.Rubber mats are available in five basic voltage classes, from class 0 to class 4.It depend on voltage application at our site.

For the rubber mats,we must checked and make sure it must marked with the name of the manufacturer,type, and class clearly and permanently. The ASTM D-178 logo also must appear on the rubber mats.Normally it marking must be placed a minimum of every 3 ft or 1 meter.

For more detail about how to identifies class,maximum voltage and requirement for rubber mat thickness,please refer the tables below :-


1) Table for rubber mats class and maximum voltage


2) Thickness requirements for insulating mats.


When and How to Use Rubber Mats.

We should use rubber mats in areas where there possibility of electrical hazard and can cause of electric shock such as switch board room.control panel and distribution board or others.

Rubber mats is a additional protective equipment to avoid and minimize the electric shocked.Always checked the rubber mats condition before start ant task and not 100% to relied upon as the sole or primary source of electrical insulation.Please used suitable electrical PPE when perform the tasks.


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