First aid kit

For electrical jobs,usually must have a first aid station near the working area.The first aid kit box must completed with first aid items and a latest  St. John Ambulance first aid manual.

This kit is very useful for first treatment when accident or injuries happent to avoid it can be more serious.It can save our life.So please make sure the first aid kit alway inspect and completed with necessary components.

The electrical group leader or supervisor must be competant person for emergency first aid certificate or equivalent. Minimum requirement of first aid station for electrical working area must contain :-

First Aids basic items

  • First aid kit box
  • Compertant person for emergency first aid  on duty
  • Inspection log book for recording the date of the most recent kit inspection.We must ensuring the first aid  kit is inspected at least every 3 month.

The first aid station must be the responsibility of a worker who works in the immediate vicinity. Stations must be easy to accessible when accident happen for quick action or treatment of injury person.

First aid kit box components

Normally for completed first aid kit the minimum requirement must containing several item but it depend on workers quantity on that working area.Below is requirement for quantity worker around 5 to 8 persons.

1) Current edition of a standard St. John Ambulance first aid manual

2) Dressings consisting of firs aid kit  :

* 12 adhesive dressings individually wrapped

* 4 sterile gauze pads, 3 inches square

* 2 rolls of gauze bandage, 2 inches wide

* 2 field dressings, 4 inches square, or 2 four-inch sterile bandage compresses

* 1 triangular bandage.

3) Anti-septic ( iodine )

4) Flash light

For first aid station,we should prepare or have a clean water to rinse eyes,face or skin, and other additional first aid components that would be required according to specific hazards at working area.For more detail information,please contact local OSH doctor.


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