Electrical Safety and Safety Clothing

It’s not uncommon for home and business owners to contact an electrician when they are having electrical problems in their home. From electrical sockets causing shortages to replacing old light fixtures, there are a number of issues that people may need to be addressed.

Though each problem may be different, there are some common concerns that electricians and anyone who assists them must be familiar with and that is taking the appropriate safety measure to avoid unnecessary risks and injuries. That being said, here’s several safety precautions that must be taken to keep everyone safe.

Electrical Safety Clothing

Some jobs are inherently dangerous for people to perform. Even though some workers are responsible for hazardous job duties on a regular basis, when certain mistakes are made the person can suffer dire consequences that can affect their overall health.

So, it is important that everyone in these jobs adhere to the proper safety measures that have been laid out by government agencies like OSHA and the guidelines and regulations that they publish.

According to these guidelines, workers must be trained on what safety measures should be used and what should be worn performing various kinds of activities. As the safety rules and guidelines apply to electrical safety, there are some special electrical safety clothing that must be worn at all times.

For instance, when an employee works in area that has the potential of an arch flash event, they will need to make sure that they are wearing special electrical safety clothing at all times. Typically, these clothing can be described as those that have flame resistant materials.

These clothing can be found in a number of different types of pieces of clothing such as shirts, jackets, parkas, pants, coveralls, and a full flash suit. When people wear these clothing, they will not only be safe from injury, but also the possibility of avoiding a fatality. Specifically, if the clothing that is worn catches on fire and causes a 3rd degree burn.

Because workers are required to wear these clothing every day, they will need to know how to keep their clothing clean, Unfortunately, since these are not the traditional work clothing, they cannot be thrown in regular washer to get then clean. Instead, this type of clothing must be handled with special care. Some of the basic guidelines for making sure these items are fresh and clean are as follows:


  • Do not use bleaches, fabric softeners or starches when washing fire resistant materials
  • Everyone should wash all fire resistant clothing in separate groups from other laundry
  • Fire resistant materials must be washed at low temperature ranging from 110˚ – 120˚ F.
  • When using the tumble dry feature in the dryer is should be set at the lowest temperature possible


After the clothing has been cleaned and dried, each item of clothing must be visually inspected to make sure the wear has been damaged in anyway. Also, based on the type of work that is being performed, the clothing may be inspected sporadically throughout the day or whenever someone deems it necessary.


Electrical Safety Equipment

 In addition to wearing the right type of fire resistant clothing and keeping these items cleaned in a special manner, people who work in these environments must have access to the proper safety equipment.

To make sure these workers are protected from head to toe, it is important for each worker to know what will protect them in the event that an electrical fire starts or impacts an area in their facilities.

For instance, for maximum protection, the workers will need PPE glove, PPE covers, PPE Blankets, and PPE sleeves. All of which have designed to protect specific parts of the body from sustaining injuries from burns.

It is not uncommon for work environments to be different based on the type of jobs being performed. In some cases, people work in settings that require them to work special clothing and secure special equipment to protect them from sustaining injuries.

In specific, people who work in environments that expose them to the possibilities of being harmed by an electrical fire will need to make sure that they have special safety electrical clothing and safety electrical equipment.


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