Electrical fire extinguisher

Fires as we known have a several class was identification with specific heat sources.For fire cause by electrical,it include in class C.So for electrical fire,we must used a suitable fire extinguisher to avoid serious damage or can cause others danger.

We cannot used fire extinguisher from water base because it can cause electric shock.Many case around the world happened when firefighter death and injury due to electrical shocked.

It also can cause a serious damage for electrical and electronic equipment nearest the fire incident happened if we used wrong or not suitable fire extinguisher such as water,dry powder,foam and others.

Types of electrical fire extinguishers

How to choose correct fire extinguisher for electrical fire?Below are several suitable agent types of electrical fire extinguisher :-

1) CO2 (carbon dioxide)

This type is very suitable and effective to fight fire cause by electrical.It dry,environment friendly and not leave a hazardous or harmful residue when used it.Also it can avoid electrical shock or others damage for electrical and electronics equipment.

The disadvantage for carbon dioxide is it can cause suffocation can breathing problem when it activated because it extinguish the fire with eliminated the oxygen level to stop fire.This is the BEST type for extinguish the electrical fire.

2) Halotron I

This type also same characteristic like carbon dioxide agent. Halotron I is less effected to ozone layer.It not same with than Halon 1211.That why it was banned to used in fire fighting by international agreement.

It is in liquid foam when we activated.It has high visibility during discharge and does not cause electric shocked.It also not leaves a harmful residue.This type suitable for server rooms,control panel room,switch room,telecommunications equipment, and electronics.The disadvantage is it very highly cost for installation.

3) FE-36TM

Hydrofluoro carbon-236fa or HFC-236fais another environmental friendly agent to replaced for Halon.It is less toxicity compare with Halon 1211 and Halotron I. In addition it also ozone friendly.It is a new fire fighting technology for more safe and less toxicity and will be replace Halotron I agent.

4) Potassium bicarbonate

Potassium bicarbonate or other name is Purple-K, used for extinguish electrical fire.It is the common used of dry chemical agent at the oil and gas industry. The only dry chemical agent certified for use in ARFF by the NFPA.

Please ensure the Purple-K should never be mixed with phosphate-based fire such as ABC Dry Chemical, as the resulting chemical reaction will effected for efficiency.This type should be a last choice to extinguishing the fire due to its corrosive effected.

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