Electric Shock

What is an Electric Shock?

Electrical energy source of the most widely used around the world whether for home or industrial use.It is efficient,clean,relatively inexpensive and safe to use when adequate precaution are taken.when precaution are not taken,however electricity is a killer.Around the world each year on cough caused by electric shock.

The photos below show examples of injuries caused by electric shock :-




1)   The rated of flow of current through your body

The rated of current flow ( measured in unit AMPERE ) depend on how good a conductor of electricity your body is.Example if you have a

dry hand and are standing on a non-conductive such a rubber mat,you may not even feel a shock.If you are perspiring and are standing in water,

your maybe killed.

2)   The length of time the current flow through your body

If the shock causes you to freeze to the conductor,you could received severe internal injury.The longer the electric contact the greater

the current flow and the greater the shock.

3)   The part the current takes through your body

The most dangerous paths through the body which the current can take are those in which the current passes the through vital organs.

Current which runs from hand to hand ,from hand to head, from foot to hand can cause severe internal damage especially to the heart and lung.

In my next post, i will explain detail about ” HOW TO PREVENTING ELECTRIC SHOCK“….

Leave your comments or ideas about this topic … I hope I can help some to understand the SAFETY IN ELECTRICAL  through my blog and we can share the knowledge.. SAFETY FIRST

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