Electric shock first aid

How much current quantity to our body can stand?

To answer this question,we back to OHMS LAW of electrical resistance.In a case of a shock ,the amount of current through the body is determined by the following formula :-

I = V / R

I = Current

V = Voltage

R = Resistance of the body

Every body offer the different resistance,but doesn’t mean you want to challenge the average.Electrical associate figures 5 milliampere or 50 Volt to be the safe upper limit of exposure for children and adult.Even that this level,you can still be injured by your reaction to the shock such as jumping back from the ladder or high area.

How we deal with the electrical shock victim?

The longer victim is expose to an electric current,the greater the chance of critical injury.In additional to burns,these is also the loss of muscular control,breathing difficulties as the chest contrast involuntarily and ventricular fibrillation of the heart.This last effect come up repeatedly in any discussion of severe electric shock.

You’ll never have to rescue anyone on receiving end of a severe electric shock unless u works in certain construction specialties.Any of us can be caught in lightning  storm but the chance of being stuck by lightning are remote.

There are few cardinal rules to remember when helping electrocution victims :

  • Assume that victim still contact with the current
  • Never touch the victim until you’re certain the current has be shut off or the victim has been remove from the current
  • If you can safely do so,shut off the power source at the fuse box or service panel
  • Push or pull the person from the power using something non-conductive material
  • Never directly touch the source of the current.
  • If the victim has stopped breathing ,call the ambulance and begin CPR

In the event of a high-voltage electrocution such as in industrial situation or contact with power line,do not attempt any direct rescue.Current this strong can jump beyond the victim and hit the rescuer as well.Call the Fire Department and keep others at a safe distance.

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