Tips for storage electric motor

Some people do not concern about the correct method to storage the electric motor.This matter look like simple and easy but if we not take serious action,it can cause serious damage and involve high cost for repairing when electric motor defect due to not proper storage method.

I hope my post this time can make all of you some clear picture or idea how to storage the electric motor with proper method when it not use for a long period or for spare item.

When electric motors are not in operation,we must ensure several precaution for maintain electric motor in good condition and best performance without any defect.Here i want share some tips that we must consider for electric motor storage condition.

Best condition for storage electric motor

  • It must place at high and dry area to avoid unexpected nature disaster such as flood.
  • The room must well ventilated. We can install exhaust fan.
  • No direct sun, dust or corrosive chemical and hazard atmosphere.
  • Avoid to place it near to a boiler,steam machine or freezer.
  • Must no vibration hazard and easy for movements or slip
  • Best practice to put motor on the pallets to prevent moisture.
  • Put some silica gel or absorbent agent to avoid moisture and humidity.


Moisture prevent action

Electric motor usually made from metal part.It mean rusty is a major enemy.Moisture is a one rusty agent,so we must take a necessary action to prevent rusty problem.Rusty is a major root cause for electric motor defect.

What we can do is,the first step we must ensure the motor temperature should be maintained about 3ÂșC above the dew point temperature by providing dehumidifier to control room humidity level. The best storage humidity level is around 45% until 55% .

In other way,if the motor installed by space heaters, they should be energized to keep warm the motor and winding.We also can use incandescent light bulbs to provide a heat. However, we must make sure it not directly contact with any part of electric motor to avoid the concentrated hot spot.


  1. haitham hashim says

    I did not have information useful throughout my career thank you very much

  2. How about rotating the shaft step by step once a month to prevent bearing damage.

  3. If shaft is stationary for a long period the grease/oil will become dry and difficult to rotate later. Bearing manufacturers will give a correct reply if you contact them.

  4. Yes you need to rotate every 2-3 months as a general rule.
    It has nothing to do with grease hardening. The damage cause is called False Brinelling.
    It is due to metal to metal contact after the grease is pushed out by gravity.
    If you want more information Look-up False Brinelling bearing damage.
    This is a well known problem and a serious one in larger motors.

    Other observations listed here are good but should also place oxidation protection on the motor shafts and keyways to prevent rust. Do Not Shrink Wrap! Thai is only for shipping and short term… Never warehouse this way.

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