Terminal connection for induction motor

When we install a new electric motor for our application,we need to determine the voltage of power supply.Why it so important when we dealing with electric motor?

Ok..electric motor manufacture design their product can suit with several value of power supply around the world.It made the motor can used at any countries without worried about their power supply value.

The value of voltage for all country’s around the world have variant such as 200 VAC,220 VAC,415 VAC or 440 VACĀ  for 3 phase.That why some motor manufacture design their motor can operated with 2 types of voltage.So it available for use to any country around the world.

How to determine motor terminal connection for suitable voltage?

This part is very important to ensure our electric motor installation is done perfectly and running properly.If we wrong setting for voltage value connection for induction motor,it can cause serious damage.

But dont worry,this time i explain detail how to determine a motor terminal connection for suitable with our power supply.The key is motor nameplate.We can found the motor connection and their suitable voltage value.For more detail,please refer a picture below :-


From this motor nameplate,we can see it have 2 connection and 2 voltage value.If our power supply voltage is 415 VAC for 3 phase,we need to setting the motor terminal in STAR connection.

It mean terminal cooper plate W2,U2 and V2 connect in one line.Here i attached picture about motor terminal in STAR position.


If our power supply is 200 VAC 3 phase,we need to connected the cooper bar terminal in DELTA position.It mean, a connection are U1 with W2,V1 with U2 and W1 with U2.It just need to follow the diagram shown in motor nameplate.


If you want connect the induction motor with star delta starter,what you must to do is take out all cooper bar from motor terminal.It mean we not use a cooper bar.Because the star delta starter use a 6 cables for run the motor.

I hope from this post it can help all of u how to connect or perform termination job for induction motor.It is very important to ensure our motor running in good condition and avoid any damage.That why the nameplate of motor is very important…


  1. sir i have one question is that, my induction motor is also 3 phase. requires 415v volt. 12 terminals are comming out form motor winding.and i want to connect it star-delta connection so out of that 12 terminals which should connect to power cable

  2. laxman says:

    sir which purpose we are use in star or delta connection.in a 3 phase induction motor.if we have 11kw 3phase motor in simple purpose motor .then which connection is better star or delta….

  3. RAJASEKAR says:

    In vfd and star-delta stater bypass panel vfd only have 3 outgoing terminal and star-delta starter 6 terminals.how to connect terminal.

    • if you want used VFD to replaced star delta starter,first thing you must do is to determine motor connection either star or delta.Please refer motor nameplate for the connection.
      As your known for star delta starter,no cooper bar install at motor terminal.that why it used 6 wire.For other starter used 3 wire with cooper bar at motor terminal

      Example nameplate motor :

      star connection : 415 VAC
      delta connection : 240 VAC
      Your power supply is 415 VAC
      for more detail please refer my post : dual motor voltage

      * You need to install terminal bar with star connection and connect 3 wire from output VFD to the motor with right phase.i already explain in this post..

  4. Hi,
    I am looking for an induction motor which has both ends of phase windings accessible, like the motor shown in this article. I want a motor with 1 hp power and 1700-1800 rated rpm. The motor will be used in vector control. Can someone please suggest some good motors (by Baldor, Leeson, Reliance etc.). I want to have the freedom of connecting the motor in star or delta configuration. A 12 terminal motor (with 2 windings per phase, connected in series or parallel for different voltages) will also serve the purpose. Please help.

  5. sohail says:

    i have 3 phase indction motor for aerator with 6 terminal like u1-v1-w1,u2-v2-w2, and 6 wire coming from the panel board. RYB , how will i do connection of the motor plz tell me the right connection.

  6. mohammed says:

    what is the different between delta and star ?
    i want explain about these.

  7. Julibeth Wamara says:

    hello sir,star-delta connection is suitable for what kind of motor? by using considerations of KW and hp

  8. joseph Caines says:

    I have a problem. I will like to connect a three phase 12 leads motor from 440 volts to 230 volts connection, but, the motor leads numbering cannot be identified.
    How could I know through the testing of the leads, organize the winding connections according to low voltage diagram.

  9. Amir habeeb says:

    Hi ……… How can i know about phase secunce .and i also wants to know about 12 terminals motor connection

  10. Hassan M.Kanyimbo says:

    Please let me be informed of how to connect an induction motor(3ph)both in star and delta or stardelta.

    • mukmin says:

      Hi , I just want to asking how to connect Six cable wire to 3 phase motor ( position of each wire) and what will happen if wrong connection ? thanks

  11. Dear Sir, is their any possibilities that we can connect a three phase induction motor running on 415 VAC to then run on 220 – 240VAC?

  12. hie… my motor has 3 terminals how i came to know that the motor is connected in which configuration (star or delta)….

  13. Hi, I have 3 phase generator 380 v, I want to use one phase as 220 volt for supply my home is it ok or will be unstable for the generator and might be damage, does it need some think to do
    Kind regards

  14. Lawrence says:

    Why I don’t see neutral terminals in some motors?

  15. Patrice MacGregor says:

    I do consider all of the ideas you’ve introduced in your post. They’re very convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for newbies. May just you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

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