Motor cooling

Electric motor generated the heat from inductance process.So the temperature is important factor to ensure the electric motor can operated smoothly without any problem.

Heat can effected the efficiency of motor,maximum load capacity,duty cycle and winding lifespan.That why heat from motor operation must be controlled by motor cooling.

How to control temperature for electric motor?The best method is with motor cooling system.Basically heat generated during motor running will be transferred to the ambient air surrounding.

Motor cooling factor

Below is several factors affecting rate of heat transfer for electric motor cooling :-

1. Ambient air density

This factor is important for motor cooling.If the ambient air density is good,it will effected for reduction of heat transfer from the electric motor.

Total operating temperature will effected with altitude factor.Normally for standard motors,it only suitable for operation up to 1000 metre. For high altitudes,the suitable electric motor for operation normally with 1.0 service factor.

2. Motor enclosure

Motor manufactures design a several types of enclosures.Basically different types of enclosures with different airflow patterns.That mean the quantity of ambient air to contact with the motor is different.

3. Airflow over motor

Heat transfer need a good velocity of airflow for contact over the electric motor enclosure.The value of air flow will effected the cooling process.Commonly for electric motor,manufacture provide the fan for generate the suitable air flow.

4. Frame surface area

Basically if surface area is wide,the heat can tranfer more faster and efficient.So manufacture design the motor enclosure with specific technique to increasing the contact area with the ambient air.

Normally electric motor enclosures designed with many ribs to increase their surface area for motor cooling.


  1. haitham hashim says

    Important scientific topics, the process we need in our lives Thank you

  2. There would be a lot more in process cooling air which I’ve tried many times…and the idea is the same as the concept remains the same. I’ve got some techniques in here. This will be as one of my guide. Thanks.

  3. hi joe

    i heve problem in fan in cooling tower, for about 2 time we change the winding of motor but this problem do again, what problem with motor actually, can you tell me step how to solve this problem ?

    • Ok..first we need do the WHY WHY analysis to find the root cause…from your statement i thinks several typical root cause :-

      1) Mechanical problem- check your motor bearing condition and rotation…if it smooth or jammed
      2) Motor terminal : check your motor terminal connection and voltage.STAR or DELTA connection ( 415 volt or 240 Volt ) 3 phase ???
      3) Motor capacity : is your motor suitable for the application???
      4) types of starter : check your motor starter??it suitable for your application…
      5) Cable connection : check it and make sure no loose connection
      6) power supply : check incoming power supply and motor supply phase to phase.It run in completed phase or one of the phase is gone….

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