Induction motor fault finding

Induction motor is common application for domestic and industrial for machinery and production equipment.We can found electric motor in every where and should have a basic knowledge about how to troubleshooting or fault finding when we facing the motor breakdown.

If we not have any experience or not familiar with induction motor,we will face some trouble and if it’s fault finding done by un-experience person,fault finding task is very difficult and maybe can cause a serious damage or injury.It required knowledge and experience to trouble shooting and found the root cause for the problem.

So,this time i share with you`ll a basic fault finding for induction motor.Hope can be a guide for electricians.I listed some usual problem and solution for induction motor.Please refer my fault finding and recognition table.

Electric Motor Fault Finding 

For more detail,please DOWNLOAD instruction manual for INDUCTION MOTOR


I hope it can make you more understanding how to take care,maintain and fault finding of induction motor…


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  2. this was a really nice post, thanks

  3. Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

  4. thanks for your compliment..i will add more info about this topic….

  5. Your fault finding and recognition table in very small letters.I couldn’t enlarge it. Can you make it “an attachment” in large letters.
    Further ,it would be very useful to start a topic on “motor protective
    devices” like OL,CB/fuse,undervoltage/overvoltage/phase sequence,phase asymmetry relay,winding temp indicator and relay/thermistor,bearing temperature monitoring,current unbalance relay and so on

  6. The_Original_Modifier says

    The download is no longer available? Is tere a chance that you could post it back up? Thank you in advanced and great work on your site. :D

    • Hi..sorry for the download problem..I already add a new link for the manual fault finding..i hope you satisfied about that

  7. plz share the details

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