How to remove bearings from equipment?

For rotating equipment normally it have a bearing for smooth running.Each type of bearing design has a deference method for remover.We must know how to remove the bearing according the types and the location it have install.

The remover process  must be done with extreme care. If not,you can damage the bearings,housings or shaft and can make the high additional cost for repairs.

Common practice for smaller bearings, we can choose  a variety of pullers available in market to deal with bearing removal process.If you not sure how to choose the right puller or need a special pullers please be obtained by contacting your electric motor supplier or manufacture for more detail.

 Bearing removal technique


If you found the bearings installed with a press fit,too tight or that have special locked in place on a shaft and cannot be removed with a mechanical puller, The solution is you can be heated the inner ring of the bearing to ease removal process.Make sure the heated method is suitable with bearing types and condition.


How to lifting the large bearings?

When we works with large size of bearings,it can be lifted and moved using a variety of slings, hooks, chains and mechanical devices.Normally manufacture already design the bearing attached with tapped holes in the face of inner rings or outer rings.So we can used the eye bolts or other suitable attachment can be inserted in these lifting holes.

For any kinds of method we used to lift the bearings,The important is to avoid damaging any of the bearing surfaces.Especially when we deal with bearings that are equipped with a cage.The cage is typically deformable component of the bearing and is more easy to damage.

How to cleaning the bearing?

Cleaning is the important process to ensure a bearing clean and remove from water, lubricant,grease,dust,rusty and any other contaminants.The main reason why bearings must be cleaned is to allow for proper bearing inspection and get a accurate data.

Normally we can cleaned the bearing  in a wash container that circulates a cleaning chemical such as mineral spirits,commercial solvent or thinner.The cleaning solution must able to remove all contamination and lubricant to making that the rolling system of bearing are completely clean.

For more detail technique how to remove a bearing,Please watch my video : How to replaced bearing?


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