Electric Motor Specifications

As we known,electric motor is an electrical equipment that convert from electrical source to mechanical energy and create rotating force.For Electrician or Electrical Engineer,to choose a right motor specification for installation or equipment is important and it’s critical decision have made.

We must know all about electric motor specifications to suit for our application.All important parameters or specifications  that we need for our application design must suitable with electric motor that we want to install to avoid any damage or failure during operation.

This time I would like to share about Electric Motor Specification that we must understand before we select or purchase new motor for our installation or project.How we can found about electric motor specification?

The answer is,all information about electric motor specifications,we can found on motor Nameplate.This is Identification Data for electric motor.I will elaborate how to understand an electric motor specification refer to motor nameplate.

motor name plate

Normally from Motor Nameplate, we can found items below :-

1) Voltage,Hertz & Ampere

2) RPM (Revolutions per Minute) & Motor Pole

3) Service Factor (SF)

4) Class Insulation

5) Motor Design

6) Efficiency

7) Frame types

8) Motor Connection

10) Horse power / kW

11) Locked rotor code

12) Time rating

13) Power factor

14) Thermal Protection

15) Others data


From this parameters for electric motor nameplate,if we fully understand and have knowledge about that,we can design and setup new project or installation without any failure and it’s can suit for our application.

This critical parameters must be reviewed before any installation to avoid failure during running and impact installation cost.I will disscuss detail about all parameters for electric motor specification on my next post.

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