Electric Motor Maintenance

As we know,motors is a common used for rotating equipment to make domestic and industrial operation more easier.In general,electric motor is reliable machine with minor maintenance require.But to ensure electric motors have a more life span and service life,we must perform periodical inspection and service and schedule it with proper arrangement.

With periodical inspection and services, we can reduce motor failure and minimize downtime for operation.Record all data and finding during inspection for our referral and also can perform diagnostic report.Normally periodical inspection for motor should be such as motor base condition,shaft alignment,bearing condition,motor temperature and belt tension or coupling position.

Motors Periodical inspection and Service

This part is important and all of maintenance or electrical person need to know about motors periodical inspection and services to avoid from breakdown or failure.I’d like to share some information what is items that we need to inspect and service.

1)  Testing Winding Insulation

This test should be perform for every 2 years by electrical technician to check motor winding condition and phase winding to ground resistance.From this measurement,we can identify any abnormal condition for motors winding.

Motor that have low resistance should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before being energized. The following are typical minimum motor insulation resistance values:

2) Brush and Commutator Care

This care only applicable for DC Motor only.Open the cover and check  on brush wear, spring tension, and commutator wear or scoring. Replace the brushes if there is any chance they will not last until the next inspection date.

The commutator should be clean, smooth, and have a polished brown surface where the brushes ride. Observe the brushes while the motor is running. The brushes must ride on the commutator smoothly with little or no sparking and no brush chatter.

3) Lubrication

Lubricate motors according to manufacturer specifications. Apply high-quality greases or oils carefully to prevent contamination by dirt or water.

4) Check for excessive Noise,Vibration and Heat

Use Temperature meter for measure the heat of motor frame and bearing to detect excessive heat.Check motor nameplate for Types of insulation and make sure it in normal range.

Use Vibration meter to measure vibration level and check for abnormal sound during motor running,This step can identify and eliminate any sign of motor failure.

5) Clean motors

Ensure motors in clean condition from any dust or dirt.Use proper tools to wipe, brush, vacuum, or blow accumulated dirt from the frame and air passages of the motor.

Dirty motors run hot when thick dirt insulates the frame and clogged passages reduce cooling airflow. Heat reduces insulation life and eventually causes motor failure.

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