Dual voltage motor

If we take a look at electric motor nameplate,we can see the several important information and specification about electric motor.This time i want explain about dual voltage for power supply.

It is like a simple thing and not so important BUT if we make a mistake about electric motor voltage power supply,it can cause the winding damage and burn out.That why i would like to share about this information to avoid serious damage for electric motor.

The reason why motor manufacture design dual voltage is to make this motor available for any country used because every country have a different voltage value such as 200 VAC,600 VAC and 415 VAC.It also so for marketing strategy to increase their profit margin.

What is dual voltage for electric motor?

Below figure is a electric motor name plate that have a dual voltage.If we can see,it have two connection motor terminal for two voltage for power supply.

  • DELTA : 220 ~ 240 VAC – 3 PHASE
  • STAR : 380 ~ 415 VAC – 3 PHASE


From this information,i hope it can make a clear view how this motor works,terminal connection and value of voltage.So the conclusion from this information :-

  • If our power supply is  a 220 Volt, 3 phase,we should connected the power supply in DELTA.But please understand the meaning is we  does not connected the motor with a single phase power supply!!!!
  • If your power supply is 415 volt,3 phase,we should externally be connected the power supply for electric motor in STAR.


  1. haitham hashim says

    Thank you for this important information like the view topic

  2. Can we do this to any motor with 6 terminals, connect in star for higher voltage(380V) and in star for lower voltage(220V)

    • please refer to motor nameplate first before connect to power supply.Every electric motor come with different connection and voltage.If you want connect for star delta starter,please make sure the motor is DELTA connection with your voltage power supply

      • sir, what do you mean of Delta connection with the voltage supply in your last sentence? thanks?

        • I mean if power supply for 3 phase is 240VAC,the motor terminal must in DELTA connection (refer to motor name plate)

  3. If a motor says “200 volts” and we usually look for “220 volts/3 phase” can we wire the motor the same as our existing equipment? Thanks.

    • Yes..you can use it if motor voltage rated is 200 volt / 3 phase with 220 volt / 3phase because it have tolerance plus minus around 10%

  4. Prakash says

    If a three phase induction motor name plate has Voltage marked 380/220 V 50 HZ, What does this mean ?

  5. jerry jun says


    Good day.

    Do you have a diagram for the wye delta control connection for 220 VAC / 3 phase / 12 leads out motor?


  6. Pogiman says

    What if the motor doesnt have nameplate how can I know if the motor is can be connected in 230 or 460V?

    • Hi,Thanks for ask a good question.Motor nameplate are difficult to missing or damage,but it’s not possible to happen.Worse case,you can know the motor is single phase voltage (230V) or three phase voltage (460V) from the motor terminal :-

      Single phase motor use capacitor to start or running,have 2 terminal connector
      Three phase motor not use capacitor,have 3 terminal connector

  7. Hello from technicians out there, I have a question about a dual voltage motor. This is the nameplate of the the motor, the motor is rated @ 230/440 volts. If our supply is @ 400 voltage, is there anything will go wrong to the motor, if the supply drops to 220 volts or lower such as 10 percent of 230? As I understand the meaning of dual voltage motor, its a hybrid motor that can operate a two systems a low voltage and a higher voltage.

  8. sarath says

    We have motor with name plate voltage of 415 V delta / 720 V star. We could use star delta starter for this 415 V delta connection ??.pls let’s explain me

  9. Dear Sir,
    Dual voltage Motor taking 90% load current in no load case in star with 415 volt.
    3 kw motor taking 5.9 amps in no load in star. IR ,Resistance and Inductance values checked and found ok. Bearings are also checked and found normal.
    Motor is unable to run on load due to high current than nameplate.

  10. John Hislop says

    I have a 440V 60Hz motor on a piece of equipment, and it is being shipped to Central America where they use 1000V 60Hz . Is there a way to convert the 440V motor?

  11. Nicholas Gianakos says

    Is there any difference in the torque output of a dual voltage motor-namely 120V/220V


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