Braking system for electric motor

Braking application for electric motor are used widely around the world for equipment or machinery such as electric crane,barrel machine,electrical train,lift or for industrial drive.

Basically the braking system for electric motor fundamental is a one mechanism to created retarding torque to stop the motor rotation with sudden or slow stop depend on application system.

Not all electric motor must have braking system.Normally it used for drive application that have lot of energy stored in rotating part for machine or equipment.It also used for driven system that required rapid deceleration and can controlled for accident or emergency situation.

Method to created a braking torque

For the method to created a braking torque and quick stop for induction motor,it have a two basic method such as :

1) Design the controller to madeĀ  motor operated as a generator.Example is d.c injector method.
2) Created a device to reversing the rotation to created load until it stop.Example is plugging method.

In a new technologies for equipment or machinery,braking system have a intelligent controller to created a high accuracy for stop the electric motor.It also designed with full safety device and application to ensure for comfortable and safety priority to human being.


  1. Informative post.
    Torque is the use of optimal ignition timing to take advantage of an internal combustion engines maximum power and efficiency.

    There is always an optimal spark timing for all operating conditions of an engine. Torque is most ideal at wide-open throttle, but not desirable when the engine is at idle.

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