Belt drive

Drive method is a important for rotating equipment or machine operated such as pump,blower,fan,vacuum,compressor,grinder,turbine and others.

Several kinds of drive method we can found and it design depend on application or types of work load.One of common drive used for equipment is a belt drive.manufacture design many type of belt to ensure it suitable with any application.

The advantage of belt drive it is relatively efficient and readily available. We also easily setting the speed of drive with selected a combination of pulley size (ratio) with electric motor speed (RPM).

Calculation for the belt drive

We must consider the belt cross section,because it have some minimum pitch diameter. For multiple belts and sheave grooves may be used to meet requirement and suitable with electric motor horsepower.

Drive Ratio = Motor RPM / desire fan RPM

V-belt Length Formula

This time i want shared some information about V-belt drive.This is very common used for machinery and equipment around the world.After we got a suitable condition for sheave,now we can proceed to selected and made some calculation for approximate belt length.

To calculate the approximate V-belt length, used the formula below :

L = Pitch Length of Belt

C = Center Distance of sheaves

d = Pitch of small sheave diameter

D = Pitch of  large sheave diameter

Tips and guidelines for Belt Drive

  • Make sure a drives should be installed correctly according guideline or services manual.
  • The centers should be not exceed 3 times the sum of the sheave diameters nor be less than the diameter of the large sheave.
  • The offset of arc contact for belt on the smaller sheave should not be less than 120°.
  • The shafts must parallel and sheaves are in proper alignment.
  • Please avoid a drive sheaves on or off shafts.
  • Check the shaft and key way are smooth and that bore and key are of correct size.
  • Do not force or rolled the belt over the sheaves.It can cause the belt broken and failure.
  • Make sure belt tension is the lowest tension at which the belt and it will not slip during peak load.
  • Check belt tension frequently during the first 48 hours of running.
  • Use the suitable belt conditioner to prolong the life span.


  1. Can you give some guidelines on design of a Vbelt drive?. What should be the recommended or optimum belt speed?.

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