Troubleshooting technique part 3

This time i want discuss about the part 3 or last technique for troubleshooting.It is a DECISION MAKING.If you not read my last post about troubleshooting technique,please click here : troubleshooting technique part 1 & troubleshooting technique part 2

After we completed the 2 stage process of troubleshooting ( 1.situation analysis & 2.problem solving ),we need to proceed the last stage ( 3.decision making ).Decision making is defined as the best option,conclusion or alternative ways for our solution to rectify the breakdown or machine problem.

Ok..for example,after we troubleshooting,we confirm the root cause is electric motor defected,there could be several alternatives in deciding how to repair overall system.The motor could be repaired,it could be replaced by the same model or an entirely new upgraded model could be substituted depending upon the operating condition of system.

Decision making

When we want decide the alternative ways to utilize,the important things is we must consider all the advantage and disadvantage for each alternative along with contingency planning.From my experience,i always follow several basic step when made a decision making such as below :-

  • List the alternative methods how to make the machine / equipment can running temporary.
  • If possible,list the part or device we need for temporary recovery jobs.
  • If not possible,we must estimate the delivery time for spare part ( ETA or ETD )
  • Please make sure a spare part is absolute or not.
  • If a replacement part was absolute,we need to list a similar part or other part we can do a modification.
  • Estimate the repairing jobs due date,cost,spare part and safety purpose.
  • Contact the machine / equipment maker for more detail information.
  • Try to arrange a simple meeting with them to get a better ideas or solution technique.

To be a skilled expert troubleshooter, we need to follows the 3 basic that i was explain in my post about troubleshooting technique part 1,2 & 3.Understanding the sequence and must be practice at a real work site.

We can learn from our experience and knowledge time by time.Practice make we perfect.Don’t be afraid to do mistakes,we must learn form the mistake.It can make we to be a good troubleshooter.


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