Testing electrical & electronic component

To be a good troubleshooter,we must know how to testing electrical and electronic components.Several components are common used in electrical and electronic device or equipment.This technique is a common essential for the troubleshooter.

The important measuring device that we should have to perform a testing task is a ” Multimeter”.This meter is used to measure continuity or resistance in components.

If you not understand what is this,please read my last post title ” what is multimeter” and ” how to use multimeter?”.I explain detail in my video about multimeter.

Electrical Troubleshooting Guides.

Basically electrical and electronic component having continuity has a resistance near zero.On the others,a component having no continuity has infinite resistance.When testing a basic component,we must take attention with the resistance value or continuity measurement.This value is very important key to make a troubleshooting  analysis.

Ok..now i want share the technique how to testing several common electrical and electronic component.

1) Fuse

– To checking a fuse condition,use a ohm meter to check continuity.A good fuse will read 0 ohm but a blown fuse will read infinite resistance.

2) Resistor

– Used a multimeter and select to resistance and measure the resistor between the 2 of point.For example 1000 ohm of resistor at 10% tolerance.When we measure the value,the good one must read between 900 ohm until 1100 ohm.If measure is not in this range or infinite value,it mean the resistor is defect or broken.

3) Conductor or cable

– Use a continuity to check a condition of conductor.if reading is 0 ohm it mean a cable in good condition and if reading is infinite,that mean the cable maybe defect or broken.

4) Switch

– It same method with testing a cable.Use a continuity to check a condition of switch.if reading is 0 ohm it mean switch connection in good and if reading is infinite,that mean the connection maybe defect or broken.

5) Capacitor

-Use a multimeter and select for capacitor check.Placed a test on 2 of capacitor point and it will appear of capacitor value.It must in range of original capacitor value to make sure it in good condition.If not a capacitor is broken or defect.


Continue learning about basic electrical and have a clear understanding how to use all checking parameter in multimeter.Because it is very useful when we perform a testing or troubleshooting tasks.We can know correctly any problem of the components if we know how to measure it.

For me,a multimeter is important and useful measuring device when performing a troubleshooting tasks…so learn from basic and the knowledge is power.. :D


  1. Methods of electrical component testing: voltage test, current test, in-circuit test, out of circuit test

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