Procedure to change a new electric motor

The main purpose of this 16 steps  is to look at the systematic and proper work sequence on disconnecting the wiring,check the motor nameplate, specification when replacing the motor until complete the task.

I would like to share my routine standard procedure for replacing a new motor.I created this procedure follow the safety guideline and reference from my experience in electrical motor installation.It have 16 steps that can ensure the installation jobs will done in safety and proper way to contribute the quality of works.

I hope this procedure can give some basic reference and guideline for all of you how to change a new motor.Please share a comment or suggestion to improve this procedure.

16 steps how to replacing a new motor.

1. Obtain work permit form authorized person.

2. Switch off the main breaker and lock out for safety reason.

3. Verify power supply is totally off by using a multimeter.

4. Write down the detail of the motor from the nameplate ( Model,Power Supply voltage,Serial Number,Brand,Manufacture,ETC).

5. Open the terminal cover using a screwdriver properly.

6. Marking and Tagging all cable and terminal position to avoid mistaken after re wiring back the cable and motor connection.

7. Check the power supply if there is still have voltage or live at the motor terminal using multimeter or voltage tester for safety precaution and double confirm.It is for our safety from electrical shock.

8. If there is no more voltage,proceed to identify and confirm the wiring connection and terminal whether it is Delta Or Star point for the motor to avoid any mistaken during installation.If possible,take a photo for reference.That is what i do when have a motor installation for precaution.

9. After that,disconnect the cables at the terminal block and pull out the cable with gentle to avoid any damage using a proper tools.

10. Check and confirm the replacement motor is same specification with the original part to avoid wrong spare part or model.

10. When the new motor is completed installed ,Perform rewire the connection at the terminal block according to original connection.

12. Make sure that there is no exposed cable that is dangling out of cable gland and make sure the wiring is done in proper way.

13.  Close back the terminal block cover and screw it tight.

14. Re-connect the receptacle that supplies power to the motor.

15. Take out the lock and switch on the main breaker and test run the motor to ensure it running properly with any problem

16.After all running in good condition,please proceed for housekeeping around working area and clean up all hand tools and equipment.

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