How to wiring a plug 13 ampere

Wiring for 13 amp plug top

A 3 pin plug used in most electrical appliances.It has a 13 ampere fuse is rated to protect electrical equipment from overload or short circuit.

This time I will show how to wiring a plug step by step:-

1) Open a cover using a Philips screwdriver.we can see the terminal block  inside a plug.

2) Cut a 3 core cable using a cable cutter.Strip a cable and measure suitable of cable length with plug.

3) Connect a cable at terminal block follow the color code, E = Earth ( GREEN )  N = Neutral ( BLUE )  L = Live ( BROWN ) :

For detail please refer the attachment

4) Install cord grid and screw it to make sure cable and plug tight.

5) Already completed…install the cover back and now a 3 pin plug can use for electrical appliance :D


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