How to service a magnetic contactor?

Magnetic contactor is a familiar device for control electrical motor,pump,capacitor and others.When it operate for long time,the main contact must be checked and cleaned due to sparking current during energized and de-energized.

We also must cleaning the dust or foreign material to avoid magnetic contactor mechanism stuck or cannot function properly.Normally i perform the services and cleaning jobs every 6 months.It depend on operating condition and last services.

During this services,we can checked the condition of contact point either is ok or not good.If the contact already worn or not in good shape,it need to replaced with a new one.It important to ensure the performance and operation is smooth and stable and current can flow through the contact without any problem.

I hope from this post can be a basic guide how to services and maintenance the magnetic contactor.It can prolong the life span and make sure the condition is always good when operation.Below is my video how to do the servicing jobs.


How to servicing and cleaning the magnetic contactor?


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