How to install RJ45 connector with CAT 5 cable

Ethernet cable now is a common used for communication device for DSC,PLC module,VFD,Instrument device,automation and control device for high tech equipment for industry.

Some time when we need to install RJ45 connector onto CAT 5 cable is complicated and difficult.But if we know the right method for installation,it easy and can done in 5 minute.

This time i want shared some tips and method how to install RJ45 connector with CAT 5 cable for Ethernet.I hope this step by step guideline can help all of you to get clear view how to install with proper method.

Installation method for RJ45 connector with CAT 5 cable.

1) First we need to determine what is our application for these Ethernet cable.Common wiring for patch cable is 568-B wiring .The RJ45 color code is following below :-

• Brown

• White Brown

• Green

• White Blue

• Blue

• White Green

• Orange

• White Orange

2) Prepared basic tool for installation works such as Scissors,Cable Cutter,RJ45 Connector,Cat 5 cable,RJ Crimping tools and Cable shearer.

3) Remove the outer CAT 5 cable using cable shear and make sure no cable is peel or damage to avoid communication error during installation.

4) Once you remove the outer cover for CAT 5 cable,you’ll can see that some a pair of cable twisted together.It must have 4 pair or 8 pieces of cable.

5) Untwist these wires to get all have been separated.After that pull them backward and cut off the plastic core as much you can.

6) When the core has been removed, you must to straighten the wires that were previously twisted.To do this you just need to firmly hold the one point of  cable with your finger and other one finger just bend the cable up and down to straighten the bend.Others way to do this is by using two pairs of tweezers.Cut the wires in straight line using scissors.

7) Once you’ve straightened the wires and cut it to suitable length,now is time to arrange them in the order they’ll be placed into the RJ-45 connector. Working from left to right, the order of the wires is same like that i mention in the first step for color code.

8) Before crimping the cable,please make sure the wires go all the way to the end of the RJ-45 connector. The easiest way to do this is to look at the end of the connector and make sure you see copper in each wire slot.After that insert the RJ45 connector into crimping tool and crimp it.

9) After that,take out the RJ 45 connector from crimping tool and now it completed.RJ 45 connector installed onto CAT 5 cable for Ethernet.

10) When you’ve finished crimping both cable ends, you can use a cable tester to verify that the ends were installed correctly.It easy and take only several minute to finish it..Let do it your self and have Good Luck :D


  1. I read the whole post till the end. I like the way you have explained each and every point in such a simple manner.

    I am not from the electronics field, but such kind of information is really essential, since we all use computers and laptops, we should know that what is LAN, how to install connectors, etc.

    Thank you for such an educative post.

    Good Post!!

  2. This is a perfect guide for how to install RJ45 connector with CAT 5 cable. RJ45 cable is a more organised cabling system, whereby you can link up network devices while still being able to clearly identify different types of cable. Thanks for sharing..!!

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