Types of Molded Case Circuit Breaker MCCB

Before we make a decision to install Molded case circuit breaker for our application,firstly we need to know about types of MCCB.It important information that we must know to make sure our MCCB can functioning properly to protect our application from electrical failure.

As we know the main function of MCCB are to protect our electrical application from short circuit or earth leakage and overload current.Manufacture have a their own design and types to suit domestic and industrial application.

To make a right selected for MCCB,the key point is to know what is our application or system and what protection we needed to install.After that,we can know which one of MCCB types we need for our application.

 Types of MCCB based on application

1) Line Protection

These type is for general purpose circuit protection.It regularly installed for electrical wiring small machine and power distribution to provide overload and short circuit protection.For this type,trip mechanism for over current consists of thermal and magnetic element.


2) Distribution Board protection

For MCCB from these type,it specialty installed at circuit branches on distribution board for lighting application such as street lighting,flood light and spot light.It have a compact size and suitable install in group position.These circuit breaker have are available breaking capacity size from 2.5 kA until 5.5 kA


3) Solid State Trip

These type synchronize function with built in trip device controlled by microprocessor.The rated current level can be selected depend on our application with 5 to 6 step and include with variety of tripping parameter such as long time delay,short time delay and instantaneous.

The setting is accurate with high precision device.These types suitable when we have a various protection device and it can coordinated with our way.It also can increase the reliability of the power supply.


4) Motor Protection

These type is suitable for magnetic motor starter protection such as DOL,Star delta,Soft Stater and inverter ( VFD ).The line current rating of circuit breaker protection equal to full load ampere of motor to provide over current protection and motor overload.

It can handles starting inrush current until 600% and enable starting time up to 3 second.When used this types for stop start operation control,we must make sure it running with load and do not required frequent switching.

These type are common used for motor control panel to ensure the best protection and suitable with motor starter application.The main point is it can stand for high inrush current during starting the electric motor.


  1. mohammad says

    would you please explain MCCB for electromotors means using of VFD for start and stop of motor.

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