This device is very common used in manufacturing industry,office,house hold,school,highway and every placed around us.It very important to sensing and send a signal to control panel for further application.

Basically we can elaborate meaning of sensor in easy understanding are device to detected physical condition such as temperature,pressure,motion,metal and non-metal and many more function.

Sensor application very popular  for industries such as automotive,FPD and semiconductor,machine or metal,ICs and electronic components,food processing and packaging also rubber and plastic.It successful to make production running properly,accurate,smooth and faster.

 Types of Sensors

That why sensor is important device for automation industry and control device for equipment and machinery.We can found various types of  sensor in market to coupe with any application required by manufacturing.

From my experience,the typical sensors for industry application such as :-

  • Fiber optic sensors
  • Photo electric sensors
  • Laser sensors
  • Color sensors
  • Area sensors
  • Contact sensors
  • Proximity sensor
  • Pressure sensors
  • Motion sensors

Sensor function and application

Below i listed several example of sensor function and related with industry application :

1) Automotive

  • Digital laser optic sensor : For checked and confirm the arrival of a suspension system.
  • Laser displacement sensor : For measuring disk rotor deflection and surface roughness.
  • Fiber optic sensor : For detecting ABS or brake oil level

2) Machine/metal industry

  • Laser optic sensor : For detecting the presence of a steel rod or others metal
  • Photo electric sensor : For detecting presence of workpieces on CNC machine.
  • Laser displacement sensor : To measuring configuration of dies set.

3) FPD & Semiconductor Industry

  • Liquid level sensor : For Detecting presence,absence and fill level of liquid such as solvent.
  • Surface laser sensor : For Measuring the liquid crystal adhesiveshape accurately.
  • Digital laser optic : For detecting reflective target such as glass substrate.

4) ICs & Electronic component industry

  • Digital RGB sensor : For detecting differentiation of connector types.
  • UV detection sensor : For determining presence or absence of metal product
  • Inductive gauging sensor : For measuring irregular movement of a taping machine

5) Food processing and packing

  • Inductive gauging sensor : For controlling vibration of sieving machine
  • Digital laser optic sensor : For detecting target such as metal or non-metal
  • Digital ultrasonic sensor : For checking roll diameter of rubber sheet and also for any low or high reflected object

I hope from my explanation about sensor and their simple application can get you more idea and understanding for this unique device.I will explain detail in my next post about types of sensor.


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