This device is typical in control panel or automation industry.The main purpose of RECTIFIER is to convert from  AC ( alternating current ) to DC ( direct current ).It common use because now in market,all control device is using DC power supply.It safe and energy efficiency.

Usually when we choose to control our machine or equipment using PLC or Electronic Device,We need DC ( direct Current ) power supply.The range common use in world wide is from 12 VDC until 24 VDC.So we use the RECTIFIER to convert from 110 VAC or 240VAC power supply to DC power supply :D

What is Rectifier Power supply?

If  i want design the control panel,i would like to use the DC voltage because it safe from electric shock and energy saving.We can select the range of current capacity of RECTIFIER.Please refer the Full Load Ampere ( I ) from the specs of product.

Rectifier Description

1) Basically from AC power supply,it must step down the supply to low voltage around 30 VAC using Transformer.

2) From 30 VAC supply,it must flow into 4 unit diode ( FULL-WAVE BRIDGE ) position for RECTIFIER is for cut out the AC wave to be a rough + 30 VDC wave.

3)From the +30VDC rough wave supply,it must through into the capacitor for SMOOTHING process.It to make the small ripper and more linear.

4) Finally..the last step is REGULATED the DC output to make it very smooth and no more ripple.It suitable to use for electronic equipment or device :D We can regulated the voltage according to our needed like 12 VDC or 24 VDC.

This is simple step how Rectifier operation.Actually we can make our own easy to build up small rectifier.We can use a electronic component like transformer,diode,capacitor and regulator.

For more detail,your can search a web how to build own rectifier or u can contact local electronic shops.They have a rectifier kits completed with manual and technic how to make own rectifier.Please refer the professional electronic technician for more safety and correct way to do it.Safety first :D

I hope you all can build the own rectifier after this….have a nice day :D

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