KEYENCE Laser Sensor LR

As we know,many types of sensor used for input device for equipment,machinery,robotic and others application to made works more easy,low human failed and automatic function.

This time i want share about Laser Sensor LR-Z series from KEYENCE,Japan.This laser sensor is the one of my favorite for machine application because it is user friendly,simple setup,high durability,heavy duty,long life span,unique design and also up to date technology.

Introduction for Laser Sensor LR-Z Series.

Ok…let go back about Laser Sensor LR-Z series.Sometime we faced some detection problem and difficulty with reflective sensors for our application including target in color,environment effect,material and finishing of surface.

To solve these problems,KEYENCE launch the new versatile general purpose Laser Sensor LR-Z series with CMOS laser function with combination of self-contained sensor in heavy duty metal,stable and user friendly.

Basic operation for Laser Sensor

KEYENCE laser sensor monitors and automatically adjusts its sensitivity up to 350,000x using a control function made possible by combining the benefits of a CMOS receiving element with a laser light source.

This allows for stable detection to be achieved, regardless of colour or angle. The built-in background and foreground suppression functions allow the laser sensor LR-Z to achieve the best detection ability of any self-contained sensor in its class.

CMOS Laser Function


Datum Function

This function detects all conditions except the“reference” state, which allows detection of any target,regardless of surface or shape variations, and even in cases when the laser light does not return to the sensor.


Simple Operation for Laser Sensor

The laser sensor LR-Z is designed to provide reliable, yet simple operation for any user.Its large indicator ensures outstanding visibility, even from long distance.

Operation is simplified through the addition of a digital 7-segment display and one-touch teaching method. Sensitivity settings are easily performed while monitoring the digital display for proper operation. The LR-Z is also equipped with a key lock function to prevent unexpected or accidental changes.


My Application for this Laser Sensor

I want share some experiences about this laser sensor for my application.I used it for Cap sorter sensor.The function is to detected existence of a caps in the sorter bowl.It send the signal to PLC when a caps in minimum level and conveyor will turn on to deliver more caps.

From my review,this Laser Sensor is easy to install,user-friendly setting and flexible for many application.For more detail about this sensor,Please download the Manual user for Laser Sensor LR-Z series with following link or got to the KEYENCE website :-

Download Laser Sensor LR-Z Series PDF


  1. Amin Hashim says

    On my side, i usually using ifm, sick and endress + hauser sensor product. In future, i plan to change all of sick and endress + hauser sensor to ifm brand. ifm brand quite cheap and durable but for keyence, i never use this product yet

  2. Das ist ja bombastisch, Danke schön! Das
    hat mir gefallen und ist wirklich erstaunlich. Die Gedankenfinde ich begreiflich.
    Ebendiese Einfälle sind mir auch durchaus durch die Birne gegangen. Da ich schätze, dass das darüber
    hinaus zum Vorteil von meinen Büchernarren ein packendes Thema bezeichnet.

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