Equipment for PLC programming

Now in automation industry,the common practice for programming the PLC is using a desktop or laptop.It easy to handle and more comfortable when perform the design or troubleshooting job.

PLC manufacture also in advance to produce a user friendly PLC software in market today.It made our programming task more easy and can get the best result and design for our project.Everybody can learn about PLC programming because it easy to understand and have many option functions for design,programming and fault finding task.

To ensure PLC programming done properly,we should prepare all equipment or tools for programming matter is available and working in good condition.

What do you need to program the PLC?

Ok..this time i want explain about the equipment that we must have to perform PLC programming.From my experience,it have several equipment such as :-

1) Computer ( Desktop or Laptop )

– This is the main equipment do you must have.Below i listed the minimum specification for hardware and software :


  • PENTIUM II 350 processor or above
  • 32 Mb RAM ( Microsoft Window 98/ME ),64 Mb ( Microsoft Window NT/2000 ),128Mb ( Microsoft Window XP )
  • Have USB port
  • Serial port
  • CD ROM drive
  • Hard DiskĀ  at least 200 Mb free space


– From my programming experience,the best Operating system ( OS ) is a Microsoft Window XP professional.It very user friendly and compatible with all types of PLC programming software.It also not have issue communication between PLC and computer.

I already try to use Window Vista or Window 7 for programming but some PLC programming software not compatible with it.It also facing a connection port error.It need another setting to avoid communication error with PLC.

  • Microsoft Window XP professional ( service pack 3 )

2) Port Converter cable USB to RS232

– Serial port or RS232 is common port for PLC programming.This converter is very important because in market now,serial port ( RS232 ) not built in on laptop.So we can use the converter to link our laptop to PLC with RS232 port.Now in market,manufacture produce various types of converter cable completed with driver and we can get with a cheap price.

  • USB to RS232 ( serial port ) converter cable

3) PLC communication Cable

– To communicate with computer and PLC,we need a communication cable. It depend on types and brands of PLC.We can get it from PLC manufacture base on PLC model because it deference size and type of port connector.

For example : Below pic is Mitsubishi communication cable for FX type.

4) PLC software

– This software is provide by PLC manufacture.They design the software to integrate computer with PLC to easy programming task.I already discuss about several PLC software commonly used in industry such as Mitsubishi,Omron,Keyence,Siemens,Allen Bradly and others more.Please refer to my last post on PLC programming software.


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