Split type troubleshooting part 1

Air-condition split unit type is a very common used around the world for cooling the houses,clinic,restaurant,bank and office.It very popular because the price is not high and average people capable to owned it.Also it easy to install and have a long life span if we follow their periodical maintenance.

This time i want share the techniques for troubleshooting a split unit type.I discuss the common symptoms and what you action to rectify the problem.I hope it can help and make your troubleshooting  jobs more easy and not waste so many valuable time.Below is my table about split unit type air-condition symptom,cause and what action u need to solve the problem.

How to troubleshooting air-condition split unit type?

Troubleshooting symptom part 1

I discuss and explain more symptom and how to react for the problem in my next post..I hope it can help you to rectify a split unit type air-condition common problems.If any questions or you want more explanation,please drop in to my comment…thanks :D


  1. kennard says

    Hi..Thanks for this information..Im really interested about it..What happened if the suction line is icing? Also,the compressor is not defected,the filters are cleaned but it gives less cool to our room.

    • hi kennard..from my experience,if suction line is icing,it cause from low of refrigerant quantity.The normal refrigerant pressure is 60 ~ 70 psi.Please checked a gas pressure using manifold gauge..if low pressure,please refill a refrigerant.
      one more cause if suction line icing is the TXV or expansion valve clogged with oil compressor.To solve this problem,u can flush it with N2 or refrigerant.

      • kennard says

        hello lemau..how many refrigerant in kg or less do I fill the system in order it will operate normally?Are R22 and R134A have the same pressure?

        • kennard says

          lemau do you have any wiring diagram of a window type and split type aircondition?

        • To know refrigerant quantity in kg,please refer to information name plate at outdoor cover.It state the quantity of refrigerant.For more accurate when u refill the refrigerant,please use a clamp on meter.Refer the full load ampere for your A/C. Normally a gas R22 and R134a pressure for air-condition is around 60 ~ 70 psi.

          • kennard says

            Thanks for the info lemau..I really like your blogs, it helps me a lot in troubleshooting electrical equipments thats why I have to always visit this site and ask you. Will it be ok for you?:) Also I don’t have enough books to read.

          • thanks for ur comment :D it ok..i try to help as possible i can :D

  2. hello to all here
    pls . i need some help ,
    i study air conditioning ( split type)
    but for 8 years i have not work on any aircond (servicing)
    first , a split type in good conditioned , working properly , but i will need to change the place of the indoor unit .
    please can u tell me how to close the gas, how to stop the gas, i know there is a stop valvue .
    then forgot which one is the return gas or..(big or small )
    there is 2 pipes from the compressor to the indoor
    i forgot where to put the manifold gauges .
    60 to 70 pis ..i check it, the compressor must be running ?? when its is on or off.? or when it is off ? does the distance between the out door unit and the compressor have a limit ? and does longer distance make the reading good ? about how many minutes do you read it when the distance is long .??
    sorry for my bad English . usually i use french

    i got a bog certificate in aircond but its was long ago

    • hello arno..below is my method how to change place for indoor unit :-
      1) first,pump down your gas into a compressor.
      how to pump down??
      step 1 : close the valve for discharge ( small tubing ).use allen key or hex wrench
      step 2 : connect ur manifold gauge.use a blue hose ( low pressure meter )
      step 3 : on ur air-cond unit and compressor will running.see ur low pressure meter.the pressure will drop.When it reach 0 psi,close the suction valve ( big tubing) faster.
      step 4 : switch off ur aircond.now pump down process is completed.U can disconnect ur indoor,

      please refer my video how to refill refrigerant for aircond..
      i will explain detail about split unit aircond in my next post..

  3. i have a york 1.5hp split unit.whin running the aircon the timer is on cause the compresor not to run and it blow warm air.had try to reset the timer but it does not work

  4. does all york split unit remote is the same?

  5. well most probably the control card is the problem…

  6. my outdoor fan won’t start..usually,i just turn off the circuit breaker and turn it on again and it will work perfectly fine..but last night..forgot to reset the unit the when i woke up,the red light (which always turn on when its cold) permanently turns on..i did a hard reset by manually pressing the on/off switch for 5 secs and the red light turn off..the problem now is that my outdoor fan won’t start. please need professional help/advice on how to deal with problem..thank you

  7. daniel mercado jr. says

    sir, good day, what if the problem is the unit is automatically shot down thin i just off the breaker in 5 seconds thin the unit is active again, after 15 0r 30 min. the unit shot down again. thin it has a blink led in OPERATION. wish u could help me with this problem

  8. mohammed faiyaz says

    good morning sir please sir my help sir my english no sir sir split ac inerview question and answer sent sir my id sir split ac total wireing fult anwer total cooling problem rezen total indoor problem resen outdor problem resen split ac how psig comprasor how prassure pumping how prassure back section how prassure discharge how prassure on and off back prassure complite ac repair answer sir sent sir

  9. Sir! what is the problem the indoor unit Timer always Blink using remote control switch OFF then ON again they same problem the timer always Blink what is the cause.

  10. Albert KCC says

    Hi Lemau,

    Need some help on York 1.5hp split aircond.
    When i start the aircond, the indoor unit fan will run only for 2 seconds then it will stop. The compressor is running well because i can feel some coldness on the indoor unit. I tried to turn the fan with my finger, the seems like it wanted to turn but there is some friction which cause it to stop again. However, when i stop the aircond and try to turn the fan with finger, it can easily turn without any friction. What could be the problem?

  11. kee-mab says

    my 1.5 hp window unit a.c fan & compressor refuse to work even after changing the capacitor. please what else do l do?

  12. Thanks for fault information

  13. mallinath says

    sir can you help us how to find out faulty winding of compressor.

  14. Mr kesh says

    Can we fix a 1hp outdoor split air cond unit to an indoor evaporator unit of 1.5hp. ??

  15. Sir, my indoor unit comes on but trips whenever the compressor is about to start.
    What could be the problem?

    • Hi..
      This trip happend when your compressor motor winding have leakage or short circuit.To double confirm,disconnect power supply to outdoor and try on your unit.If no trip occur,that mean your compressor have problem and need to replace.

  16. why my outdoor unit aircond automaticaly stop,after half hours on,and cannot start automaticaly

  17. Please sir help
    my question is R 22 how many head pressur ? standing pressure? And back pressure?

  18. d.sethuramulu says

    dear lemouv im havng 1.5 ton capacity bluestar ac..now i got displyed f2error.the compreessur stopped immediately. can you explain and trouble shoot

  19. Please how many kg of gas to charge each ac of 1hp,1.5hp ac 2hp ac

  20. Hi guys I have an compressor faulty 94 LRA then I fix 60 LRA the compressor start a 20 second or an stop. May question is it is possible to fix low LRA?

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