Pump down method

This method is applied to stored the refrigerant in a system of air-condition into a compressor.The main reason is to avoid a system from lost the refrigerant when perform the maintenance services or to relocated the unit.

We can save a cost for refill a refrigerant and can reduce a air pollution.Why we must throw out the refrigerant if we can stored it.Imagine if the system used a lot of refrigerant but we do not stored it,we waste the gas and cost for refill it back.

That why pump down method is important when we perform a task required to open or dismantle a pipe line of system.All maintenance person or HVAC technician must know how to perform pump down.

 How to perform pump down process for Air-Condition ?

This time in want share a simple method to perform a pump down for air-condition or refrigerant system.Firstly we must setup for the tool and equipment.

Tools and Equipment

  • Manifold gauge
  • Allen key or Hex key
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Safety glass
  • Gloves


Pump down method step by step

1) Ensure the air-condition or refrigerant already off.Use a multimeter to confirm it have no power supply.

2) Install the manifold gauge.Use a blue hose ( Low pressure meter ) and connected to the valve for low suction ( Big tubing ).

3) Open the end cap of valve for low and high pressure using a adjustable wrench.

4) Close the high pressure valve ( small tubing ) using allen key or Hex key.Turn it around with clock wise rotation.

5) Ask your friend to switch on the unit.Then you monitor the low pressure meter at manifold gauge.You will see the pressure was drop.

6) When the meter reach at 0 psi,immediately close the low suction valve using a hex hey or allen key with clock wise rotation.

7) After you close the valve,ask your friend to switch off the unit.

8) All of refrigerant goes into the compressor and we stored it temporary.

Now we can perform the maintenance services or can relocated the unit.no more refrigerant when we take out the cooper tubing.After completed the task,open back the low and high side pressure valve.Purge the system before run the unit.It is for take out the air from the system because it can block the refrigerant cycle ( air locked).


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