How to flare cooper tubing?

In the air-condition piping system,almost fitting for cooper piping using flare type.It very common used in this industry such as for car brake piping,fuel piping,cooling piping and transmission piping because it easy to fit and no need to welding the cooper pipe.No hot works needed and more safe in working condition.

To flare the cooper tube,we need the special tool for this job.It call the ” flaring tool “.This is mechanism to make a flare using the press force.

What is flaring tools?

I show the technique how to flare cooper tubing in my video…I hope it can help all of you how to flare :D

The tips how to create the perfect flare

1) Use the good tubing cutter to get the clean cut.

2) Use the reamer to deburr inner and outer of tubing.It help to make tubing diameter back to original size.

3) Use a files to clean up a tubing from a burr and sharp edge.

4) Make sure the high of tubing when you clamp it into the holder is 3mm from the flaring cone.

5) Use the oil lightly to the flare cone.It is for smoother movement and make a clean flare surface.

6) Spent your time to the good preparation for the best result :D

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