How to brazing a cooper tubing?

This is a common method for joining the cooper tubing.It is have been practice by all technical person around the world.Before we can brazing the cooper tubing,we must do the swagging process for make a diameter of cooper bigger than normal size.

Refer my last post about swagging.It is for ensure the joining process is strong and no leakage.Others method is using the cooper fitting or socket joint to make a joining process.Below illustration it is the cooper piping structure after done the swagging process and ready to brazing process.Make sure the swagging process is perfectly to get a best result of joining.

What is a brazing proces?


Equipment for brazing process

1) Welding torch

2) Filler rod ( Nickel alloy )

3) Hand glove

4) Grip pliers

Tips for brazing cooper tubing

1) Clean the surface of cooper tubing from oil & grease or dust  at a both side of brazing area.

2) Clean the burr at cooper tubing using reamer.

3) Make sure the cooper must be hot ( Red color ) before placed the filler rod.

4) Setting the right temperature for the welding torch.

5) Don’t over heat the cooper tubing.It can cause the the crack or leaking hole at a cooper tubing.

6) The important part is ” PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT ”


For more detail technique how to brazing,please watch my video :-

Brazing Technique

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