Air-conditioner services

To ensure our air-conditioner running in good condition, we must perform periodical services at least  every 6 months.Why we must care and cleaning our air-conditioner?

The main cause when our air-condition have a low performance came from dust filter is dirty,it will cause a low cooling capacity,increase electricity cost,unpleasant smell and purified air to our room.

The unit will become to dirty and the cooling capacity decrease after being used in several seasons.So we need to perform cleaning regularly to ensure it in good condition.It very easy to do it your self.

This time i share the simple method for cleaning our split unit air-conditioner.Please switch off the power supply before perform cleaning task to avoid electric shock.

How to care and cleaning indoor unit for split unit?

1) The important part that we must cleaning is a air purifying filter.Use a air blow or vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt,dust or stain on a filter.This filter task is to make air clean and fresh for our room.

2) Cleaning and wash a air filter once every 2 weeks to ensure the cooling coil and fin not dirty and clogged with dust.It can cause air-conditioner not cooling with full capacity.It also can cause a drain tray clogged.

3) Do not use chemicals cleaning or warm water above 104 ‘F.It can cause the air filter damage.Use a soap or neutral detergent to cleaning the air filter.Dry it with air blow or vacuum cleaner before install back.

4) Clean an wipe gently the indoor body with clean cloth from dust or dirt.

5) Perform inspection for remote batteries condition,ensure no abstraction at all intake and air vent of indoor unit.

6) To check our indoor is in good condition,run unit for 20 minute and measure the value of temperature different between air intake and air vent must > 14 ‘F.


  1. refrigerant charging should be liquid or vapor(R22,R404A,134A,)?

    • If your charging in suction line,it should be in Vapor. If in discharge line,it should be in liquid.
      simple explanation –> Vapor = low pressure ; Liquid = High pressure

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