Digital AC Clamp Meter

What is Digital AC Clamp Meter / Clamp on meter ?

This instrument has been design for the main purpose is measuring the AC AMPERE .

I have one Digital AC Clamp Meter brand KYORITSU model KEW SNAP 2017.

The features :-

  • Design to CAT.III 600 VAC and pollution degree 2 specified by the international safety standard IEC 61010-1
  • Tear-drop-shaped jaw for ease of use in crowded cable area and others tight places.
  • Data hold function
  • Wide frequency range from 40 Hz to 1 kHz


  • Effect of conductor position :
  • 2017 Within 2% of indicated value at the center to a 10mm‐dia conductor carrying 100A, at every part inside the jaws.
  • 2027 Within 3% of indicated value at the center to a 10mm‐dia conductor carrying 100A, at every part inside the jaws.
  • Effect of external : 2 A or less in AC magnetic field of magnetic field 400A/m
  • Power Source : 6F22(9V DC) or equivalent battery
  • Battery Life : Approx. 200 hours (continuous)
  • Current consumption : Approx. 2mA
  • Withstanding Voltage : 5550V AC for 1 minute between housing case and metal part of jaws
  • Insulation Resistance : 50MΩ or greater at 1000V between housing case and metal part of jaws
  • Conductor Size : Approx. 30mm diameter max.
  • Dimensions : Approx. 91(W)×208(H)×40(D)mm
  • Weight : Approx. 400g(batteries included)
  • Safety Standard : EN61010-1 , EN61010-031 ,EN61010-2-032 (600V AC CAT. III Pollution degree2, indoor use) , EMC Standard : EN 55022


  • Set the range switch to 200A or 600 A
  • Press the trigger to open transformer jaws and clamp onto the conductor.The mos accurate reading will be obtained by keeping the conductor at the center of the transformer jaws
  • Read the value of AMPERE at display


  • Keep your finger and hand behind the barrier during measurement.
  • Do not make measurement with the battery cover removed from the instrument.
  • Please be sure to remove a measurement code before measurement.
  • Do not operate the switch range during a measurement
  • Never use this instrument on a circuit above 600 VAC RMS

Digital clamp on meter is very useful measuring instrument when we perform electrical job or troubleshooting task.For detail how to use a clamp on meter,Please watch my technical VIDEO at my post  : HOW TO USE A CLAMP ON METER


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